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Voice communication

The peculiarity of calls from TezGSM SIM-card is that they are implemented

by callback, which significantly reduces the cost of international calls.

The difference for the user is only in the fact that after dialing the number of addressee and pressing the «Call», the connection does not happen immediately – the customer sees on the screen of a mobile phone message «Wait for call» and within seconds receives the incoming call, connecting him to the addressee.

Detailed algorithm of call:

  • Dial the symbol «+» or «00» (international format).
  • Enter the number of destination with country code. Calling to landlines, you should also specify the area code.
Example: +44********** or 0044********** for UK numbers
  • Press the «Call».
  • The message «Wait for call» will appear on the screen.
  • Answer the incoming call, which will follow in a few seconds, by picking up the handset.

After a short information on the current account balance of your TezGSM SIM-card you will be connected with the called party.