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TezGSM SIM menu

In order to simplify for subscribers the use of all basic functions of operator, TezGSM has developed a special menu, which appears in the phone, if the TezGSM SIM-card is inserted. This menu is called «TezGSM» or «SIM menu» and is located in the main menu.

IMPORTANT: In Samsung brand phones this menu appears in the folder «Applications» or «Entertainment»; in iPhones – in the section «Phone».

Entering this menu the user will see the following functions:

  • «Contacts - View SIM-card phonebook
  • «Call» - Make a call
  • «Send SMS» - Send a short message
  • «Voicemail» - Use of voice mail
  • «CheckBalance» - Check the subscriber’s balance
  • «AddAirtime» - Recharge credit
  • «CustomerCare» - Call support service World Mobile
  • «Service» - Submenu settings
  • «Roaming» - enable\disable roaming