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Home CallBack

We would like to introduce a new service to you. Please direct your attention to the explanation below.
Our new service is called Home Callback (HCB). 
What does it mean?

Home Callback allows customers use their TezGSM balance and make cheap outgoing calls worldwide while staying in their home countries. Calls are made via their local mobile phone and balance in subtracted from their TezGSM accounts.
How does it work?

User arrives back home with his TezGSM number, let's assume he lives in Germany. He forwards his TezGSM number (using unconditional forwarding service – Call Redirection) to his local mobile number +49xxxxxxxxxx. Our system picks that up and now we know that we need to forward all his calls to +49xxxxxxxxxx. In order to utilize HCB service user has to do the following:

1.Forward his TezGSM number to his local mobile number.

2.Using his local mobile phone he has to send a SMS message to Access Number +447700313131. Body
of the message has to contain a phone number he wants to call (for example, it will be +39ххххххххххх).

3.SMS to  +447700313131 is charged from your local mobile phone according to your mobile provider price list. 

4.After sending an SMS message to +447700313131 he will receive a phone call on his mobile phone and be able to be connected to his calling party. Balance of the call will be deducted from his TezGSM balance. 

This service has a separate rate structure. Please see the table attached:


Additionally, we have upgraded our SmartCallback application so that it can handle Home Callback service. By installing SmartCallback app on your mobile phone (supports only Android phones) you will be able to call internationally while being at home and don't have to send an SMS. The App will do it for you, just set the unconditional forwarding and simply dial the number you want to call (please make sure that you have a sim card from your local mobile provide in your phone).
Direct link to an App: Smart CallBack

When application is being enabled, all calls dialed in international way (eg. +49xxxxxxxxxx/ 0049xxxxxxxxxx numbers) are deducted from TezGSM balance. You can either disable function HCB on you phone, or add specific numbers (eg. Any country code without 00/+, or entire number 49xxxxxxxxxx) to the Black List of this App. Then, while calling to these "black" numbers, balance is charged from your local mobile number.
In case you have any additional questions, please contact us at: support@tezgsm.com.

Kind Regards,
Your TezGSM