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TezGSM subscribers may absolutely free transfer funds from the account of one TezGSM card to the account of another one. This service in case of necessity allows you to refill the account of TezGSM subscriber, if Internet and other ways of payment are unavailable.

The service is carried out by performing the following steps on the mobile phone of TezGSM subscriber, who will send the funds:

  • Dial *146*98(TezGSM number)*(amount in Euro)#

For example, to transfer 10 Euro to the account of TezGSM subscriber with TezGSM phone number 59123123, dial *146*9837259123123*10#

  • Press the «Call» button

Within seconds the subscriber will receive a short message confirming the transfer of funds.

Thus service is also available from the user’s private account.

IMPORTANT: You can transfer only the whole amounts (no cents) in Euro. Neither the sender, nor recipient has to pay for the transaction.