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GPRS limit

Dear Subscriber,

We’re glad to inform you about the option of GPRS limits. The service will be available starting form 1 July 2013.

To get a full control over costs, a GPRS limit can be set on the sim card. This service gives an opportunity to order a limit with different time duration (day, week, month, calendar month) while using GPRS. 

For example, in case of 10 USD/EUR per day limit, GPRS will be automatically deactivated when the set amount is being used. Next day again, the user can use 10 EUR/USD as a maximum for GPRS.

GPRS limit can have various service duration (time duration):
1)1 day (24 hours) from the date of activation
2)1 week from the date of activation
3)1 month from the date of activation (for example, activation is made on
05.02.3013 20:02:34, then the period of action is over on 05. 03.2013 20:02:34
4)1 calendar month

When the limit is reached:
When 100% of limit has been reached, using GPRS with basic rates is restricted. When the specified period has been expired (new day, new week, etc.), limit for this service resumes and basic rates for GPRS become available for the user. The same happens when the limit is increased by the user.

USSD command to manage the service Limit activation:
*146*501*1# - service activation for 24 hours
*146*501# - the same: «*146*501*1#
*146*501*2# - service activation for 1 week 2
*146*501*3# - service activation for 1 month
*146*501*4# - service activation for 1 calendar month

Limit deactivation:

Set the limit value:

Status check:

Important! Please pay attention to the fact that in case of USSD - command activation the validity time of limit will be automatically prolonged.

By default a limit value of 100 000 account’s currency units ( in fact, unlimited value) is set to the service ID. This value is being used automatically, if the limitvalue on the card hasn’t been set and comes an activation limit command.

Kind Regards,
Your TezGSM