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Data card

Your smartphone and tablet SIM Card.

TezGSM PLUS SIM Card – Perfect DATA Plan almost anywhere in the world.

There is a new addition to the family of TezGSM mobile operator. TezGSM PLUS: PLUS available internet packages, PLUS available mobile network anywhere in the world, PLUS low cost SMS rates.

The idea to create a new rate was born during our business trips and holiday vacation. We experienced all the advantages of the new SIM Card on itself. 

Incoming calls over 135 countries – 0.00 EUR

Price (Buy now) SIM Card – 0.00 EUR

FREE calls from Skype or Web - calls to TezGSM PLUS numbers.

5 DATA Plans “Your Choice” – 0,05 EUR / Mb

Local TezGSM network mobile calls – 0.19 EUR / min

Reduced rates from Turkey and Egypt

SMS rates – 0,09 EUR

Available Internet Packages

5 GPRS Packages or billing for 1KB with TezGSM PLUS:


Our new tourist TezGSM PLUS SIM Card – is a revolutionary offer with an attractive price on GPRS all over the world. With online registration a user receive SMS message information of 5 DATA Pack possibilities and Service Activation Link. Clicking on a link, the subscriber will be directed to a free online information portal for choosing one of using GPRS options. While any try browser phone work in, the subscriber will be automatically redirected to the online portal in countries where the DATA Pack is available. The option “Increase the Pack” is available with ordering any DATA Pack.

DATA Pack Activation

Insert DATA Card in your device and choose one of the proposed options:

Visit tezgsm.data service page

Type the command:

Pack 1 – pack validity 1 day – *146*941*001#

Pack 2 – pack validity 7 days – *146*941*002#

Pack 3 – pack validity 14 days – *146*941*003#

Pack 4 – pack validity 30 days – *146*941*004#

Pack 5 – pack validity 30 days – *146*941*005#

How to increase traffic volume included to the Pack.

The subscriber can increase traffic volume for unlimited times. 

Mobile Internet Settings

Automatically: While DATA Card registering in network, the Mobile Internet Settings receives to your device automatically by service SMS message.  Select this SMS message and make sure that you activated access point “DATA”.

Manually: There is a following setting to use the Mobile Internet in the device:

APN (Access Point): apn

Username: do not fill

Password: do not fill

Indicate the number *99# and protocol CHAP using the DATA card via USB modem.

In smartphones you must activate the item: “DATA Roaming”.

Check balance and identification DATA Card number.

Insert DATA Card in your mobile device and choose one of the options:

Visit tezgsm.data service page

Type the command *146*941*009#

Additional rates services.

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