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Daily GPRS

Dear Subscriber!

Please be advised that from July 9, 2012 TezGSM offers a new service package for GPRS - Daily GPRS package.

After connecting the benefit package cost 1.50 EUR user gets 10 MB free for 1 day (24 hours).

Using the benefit package is available in the following countries to step charging 100 KB: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guadeloupe & Martinique, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.

To activate the user has to dial * 146 * 551 #

If the service is successfully activated, the screen displays the following message: "Daily GPRS activated for 1.50 EUR. You have 10 MB for free".

To check how much is left before the end of the package, the user has to dial * 146 * 552 #

The screen displays the following message: "You have used XXMB YYKB, you can still use XXMB YYKB, remaining time XXh YYm"

Please note the following:
  • Activation of the package by the subscriber at the opening session of the GPRS in Europe. Just when activating a package with the subscriber's account is debited the cost of services.
  • If the user uses the new GPRS session in a European country, the service is automatically activated again, his account is debited the cost of activation of the package.
  • Free Daily GPRS traffic is accumulated in one or more sessions of one or several European operators.
  • If the package is no longer active (Expired package or over the daily traffic or service for the SIM-card has been switched off), GPRS billing subsequent sessions can be extended by regular rates.
  • If a subscriber for 24 hours did not use the full 10MB of traffic, the service provided, that this traffic is reset.
  • If the subscriber had used 10MB of traffic in less than 24 hours, then re-enable the Daily GPRS package is only possible after 24 hours.
Disabling the service only after sending request to our e-mail support@tezgsm.com.

  • For other GPRS sessions that do not included into the list of package Daily GPRS, charging operates on ordinary rates.
  • If the subscriber has a free 5 MB of traffic in Europe and Turkey, connecting Daily GPRS package service is used first free traffic, and then 10 MB of grace under the terms of the package.

Example of using Daily GPRS package:

The subscriber activates Daily GPRS, while in Ukraine on July 9. July 10th caller arrives in Greece and the GPRS session starts at 11:00. With its balance debited 1.50 EUR and he receives a message confirming "Daily GPRS activated for 1.50 EUR. You have 10 MB for free". It uses 10 MB in 7 hours, the remaining 17 hours of charging GPRS sessions going on ordinary rates. If the package has expired, or over the daily traffic, the subscriber receives the message "Daily GPRS deactivated". The next day, July 11, if the user starts a new GPRS session, with its balance debited 1.50 EUR and he receives 10 MB of traffic for 24 hours after the session. To disable the service you need to send a request to our e-mail.

If you have any questions, please contact us by support@tezgsm.com.

Kind Regards,
Your TezGSM