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Dear Subscriber!

We are glad to present you a new TezGSM Conference service.
In the context of this service TezGSM client has an opportunity to organize the conference by dialing the +372993 number. Simultaneous number of allowed participants including TezGSM user is limited to 10. 


TezGSM user who organizes the conference pays for all the calls made within the conference the conference call, where the rates are applied based on each call to each participant. 

Please pay attention that in the context of conference service the following rates won’t apply:
1) Calls to support numbers with first 3 minutes free
2) Discounts for outgoing calls from the TezGSM cards to TravelSim numbers and TezGSM voicemail numbers, i.e. rates within the network
3) Discounts for outgoing calls from TezGSM + USA cards, placed from the U.S. And Puerto Rico to the U.S. and Puerto Rico, as well as within the network
4) Any discount rates. For example, the discount package from Europe with the option of a discount from the 2nd minute of call.

Detailed Description

1. TezGSM user (User A) initiates the call on the conference number +372993.

2. The greeting is being played.

3. User A is offered to press the star-key (*) to add a new user.
•    If no action is taken within a 10 second period the system offers to push the star-key (*) again.
•    If no action is taken within a 2 minute period the call is disconnected.

4. User A presses the star-key (*) and is offered to dial the number with the international    code    (ex.    0037257894563,    or    +37257894563    or 37257894563). It's possible to call any number (not only a TezGSM).

5. User A dials the number of User B1 in the international format; a call confirmation is being played. Then he’s being asked to press the star-key (*) to add the user B1 to conference or press the pound-key (#) to cancel the call and return to the conference.

6. Different options of the process:
•    In case the call to B1 was unsuccessful (wrong number or no answer), the hint is being played and user A is offered to redial the number.
• In case of successful dialing with user B1, user A can talk with B1. Then user A has to press star-key (*) to add user B1 to conference or pound-key (#) to cancel the call and return to the conference.

7. Iteration of the cycle begins from the 3rd section.
•    While user A dials other users, users B are listening to the music while
being on hold.
• If 9 users B where added into conference, the user A receives the
voice notification about gaining the maximum limit of dialed users,
and then gets back to conference.
•    If user A ends the call then all related calls are also being finished.
•    If one or several of conference recipients (not a TezGSM conference
initiator) drop the call then all other active calls remain on the line. Each time when a recipient dropped the line or finished the call, the system plays an extra notification to user A and offers to press the star-key (*) to add new user. Thereby the user A knows that one of the users was disconnected.

If you have any questions, please contact us by support@tezgsm.com.

Kind Regards,
Your TezGSM