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TezGSM lowers rates in Singapore and Taiwan!

Added on 27.02.2012
Dear Subscriber!
We are glad to inform You that starting from 1 March 2012 TezGSM lowers rates  in Singapore and Taiwan!
Some other countries have undergone rates changes as well. The full list of changed tariffs is given below.

Country Incoming Eur/min Outgoing Eur/min 
Brazil 0,25 0,75
Libya 0,25 0,75
Mauritius 1,25 2,09
Singapore 0 0,50
Taiwan  0  0,50
Trinidad &Tobago  1,67  2,09

Also from 1 March the classical SMS from Afghanistan, Cape Verde, Cuba, Gambia, India, Israel, Kuwait, Laos, Palestine, Panama, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates will cost 0.65 Eur.

Kind Regards,
Your TezGSM