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TEZGSM runs a new MMS Service!

Added on 12.01.2012
 TEZGSM runs a new MMS Service!

Dear subscribers,

Starting from 12 January 2012 our subscribers will have an opportunity to send and receive MMS messages.

The MMS Service between TEZGSM subscribers is free. The sender and the receiver will pay only for GPRS traffic, fee for MMS service use is not charged. At the moment, MMS messages can be sent only between TEZGSM subscribers. Soon we will make it possible to send MMS to other network's subscribers.

The subscribers can also send MMS messages to e-mail. The message will be received from a username phone number@mms.emt.ee. Please, pay attention to the fact that now the domain name can not be changed.

 Key points:

· MMS messages can be sent only between TEZGSM subscribers and to e-mail in all networks from the list of our coverage, where available GPRS.

· MMS message can be sent only to one number or e-mail address at the same time.

· MMS message comes from the domain @mms.emt.ee, which currently can not be changed.

· The MMS fee is not charged, the user pays for GPRS traffic only.

· The size of MMS message should not exceed 300 KB (usually phones automatically measure MMS size)

We will inform you about the possibility to send and receive MMS messages from other networks' subscribers.

MMS settings for the phone:

APN: send.ee

The server address http://mms.emt.ee/servlets/mms

Proxy address port 8080

Your TezGSM