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New TezGSM SMS package - Discount SMS from China!

Added on 02.10.2013

Dear Client,
We are glad to inform you that starting October, 1st 2013 is available new TravelSIM SMS package - Discount SMS from China!

This feature is available only for TezGSM + USA cards.

TezGSM is happy to inform you that free usage of personal assistant service is extended until 1 January, 2015! 

Added on 02.10.2013

Dear Client,

We are happy to inform you that free usage of personal assistant service is extended until 1 January, 2015! 

Personal assistant can provide travelers with information and concierge services, travel support, business services,  medical assistance and emergency help as well as interpretation services. Customers only pay per minute rate of  the outgoing call in the host country. The personal assistant is available 24/7/365 worldwide.