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SMS Grace from China! 

Added on 07.07.2014
We are pleased to inform you that c 7 July 2014 SMS package "Grace Best of China" is available for all Travelsim Classic cards! 
SMS price in package activation 0,10 EUR 

Activation fee 0,99 EUR for 100 days. 

To activate the service sovershschite following: 

Step 1: To activate the period, enter *146*921*6# and "Call" button 
If activated successfully phone screen will show 6following message: "Discount SMS price in China activated" 

Step 2: To check the validity of the discounted rate, enter *146*922*6 # and "Call" button 
Phone screen will show the following message: "Discount SMS in China active for% day (s) more." 
where "%" = the number of days before the end of the period of the preferential tariff. 

Upon activation of the classical period of the preferential tariff SMS from China remaining tariffs remain unchanged! 

Step 3: A combination to deactivate the package: *146*920*6 # and "Call" button 
When you deactivate the activation period the money will not be returned! Phone screen will display the following message: 
"Discount SMS price in China deactivated" 

If you have questions, please contact us at support@tezgsm.com 


team TezGSM