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New TezGSM SMS package - Discount SMS from China!

Added on 02.10.2013
Dear Client,
We are glad to inform you that starting October, 1st 2013 is available new TravelSIM SMS package - Discount SMS from China!

This feature is available only for TezGSM + USA cards.
Country Discount SMS price Activation fee Currency Validation period
China 0.10 0.99 EUR 100

Feature can be activated by a user in the following way: 
To activate discount classic SMS rate period user must dial: *146*921*6#

If successfully activated, screen will show the following message: "Discount SMS price in China activated"
To check how many days is left user must dial *146*922*6#

Screen will show the following message: "Discount SMS in China active for % day(s) more." where "%" = number of days before the end of the period.

The deactivation code is *146*920*6#

NBIf the feature is deactivated, the cost of activation will not be  returned to the user! Screen will show the following message: "Discount  SMS price in China deactivated"
While using this new feature no other rates will be affected except the classic SMS message rate from China!

In case You have any additional questions, please contact us at: support@tezgsm.com

Best Regards,
Your TezGSM