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Free calls from Skype to TezGSM numbers!

Added on 28.05.2013
TezGSM and Skype have started an unique cooperation to present You free calls from Skype to TezGSM numbers.

If the service "Free calls from Skype to TezGSM numbers" is activated, Skype users can make outgoing calls to TezGSM numbers for free! This requires dialing a number using a special format +372800XXXXXXXX, where XXXXXXXX is TezGSM number without 372. The rate of incoming call from Skype for TezGSM subscriber is the cost of incoming call in the country of stay plus 0.2 EUR / min. If TezGSM user is located in a country with free incoming calls, the price of incoming call will be 0.2 EUR / min.

For example, to make a free call from Skype to TezGSM number +37253204388, You need to dial +37280053204388. This call is free for Skype users. If TezGSM user is located in Italy (free incoming calls), he pays only 0.2 EUR / min.


The service will be activated by the subscriber as follows:
To activate the service the subscriber must dial: *146*711#

The code to disable the service: *146*710#

To check the service status, the subscriber must dial: *146*712#

Important notes:

We recommend to use the latest version of Skype, because it includes special updates for TezGSM, releases till 13 July 2012 may have problems with dialing +372800XXXXXXXX.

Incoming call from Skype TezGSM number usually receives from +372800. However, there is a small chance of other options for A-number.

Dialing the number in Skype: if the user has already selected the Estonian code from the list, he will need to dial only 800XXXXXXXX, as the sufix +372 will be added automatically.

If the user dials TezGSM number in Skype without 800 (for example, +37253204388), the call will be charged as a call to Estonian mobile number and TezGSM user will pay only for incoming call, if it is charged.

If "Free calls from Skype to TezGSM numbers" are not activated for particular SIM-card, dialing from Skype 372800XXXXXXXX the user receives an automatic message: "The mobile phone is either switched off or out of coverage area.”

If a subscriber allows free calls from Skype to TezGSM, he automatically agrees to pay incoming calls. 

If you will have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards,
Your TezGSM