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New service - TezGSM Webcall!

Added on 16.05.2013
Dear Subscriber,

We are glad to present You a new service - TezGSM Webcall. Webcall will change the way family and colleagues can reach Your TezGSM number. 

Webcall is an web application that may give You the next opportunity:
  •  Make free calls from website to customer support 
  •  Make free calls from website to all TezGSM numbers
  • Calls from Webcall to customer support are free of charge 
  • Calls from Webcall to TezGSM numbers are free for the caller and are charged for TezGSM user. The cost of incoming web call for TezGSM user is per minute rate of incoming call in the host country plus 0.20EUR per minute. In case TezGSM user is in the country with free incoming calls, the cost will be just 0.20EUR per minute.

1. Incoming Call from Web will be coming from number +372600.

2. When the subscriber is using WebCall service, TezGSM number should be inserted as CCnumber (CC – country code) (372 5xxxxxx)

The service will be activated by the subscriber as follows:
To activate the service the subscriber must dial: *146*781#

If the service is successfully activated, the screen will display the following message: Calls from web are enabled. Incoming calls from web are charged.” 

The code to disable the service: *146*780#
If the service was deactivated, the screen will display the following message: Calls from web are disabled. To enable please dial *146*781#.

To check Webcall service status, the subscriber must dial: *146*782#

Recommended browsers for using WebCall service are following:

1. Mozila Firefox
2. Opera
3. Internet Explorer
4. Safari
5.Google Chrome
The services alredy activated for all TezGSM subscribers by default.

If you have any questions, please contact us by support@tezgsm.com.

Kind Regards,
Your TezGSM