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About Us

TezGSM is an international mobile operator of roaming mobile services. The mission of the company is to provide its subscribers high quality mobile services all over the world at affordable prices.

We have been serving clients for more than 6 years, maintaining the highest quality standards, set by the TEZ brand. We provide voice calls, SMS, GPRS and many other services, giving the clients an opportunity to feel themselves at a distance of a phone call while being abroad.

All services are provided through a standard SIM-card, which works in all mobile phones. The SIM-card has an Estonian number (prefix +372) and works at a call-back principle, which allows to significantly reduce the cost of a mobile call, making roaming as cheap as it has never been before.

Using the TezGSM SIM-card you gain the five main advantages (and these are not all):

  • You can remain available at your main number
  • The cost of incoming and outgoing calls is up to 9 times cheaper than while using standard roaming
  • Ability to use the TezGSM SIM-card for incoming calls even with 0 balance
  • Single rate for SMS in Europe - 0.13 Eur and 0.30 Eur in all the other countries
  • Network coverage exceeds 180 countries of the world!

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