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GSM Navigation

TezGSM gives the opportunity to determine the location of its SIM-cards. The function works based on the GSM signal triangulation. Taking in consideration the signal strength the system can determine the geographical position of a subscriber with a high precision.

This function will help you:

  • See where your close person is
  • Keep control of your car in a trip
  • Control your children without your presence
  • Know where your employees are.
  • And much more.

Please, note that this service is active only while the mobile device of a subscriber is ON and connected to a mobile network. Otherwise the system will display the last fixed position of the subscriber.

Activation and Use of the Service

The "GSM Navigation" service can be activated in the personal account, defining the the number and the quantity of months of the subscription. The subscription is made for a certain period and has a limitation on the number of location checks per day and per subscription period.

After the service is activated you can check the location right there in the personal account. The location is displayed on a map with scale change possibility.

The subscription cost is 1 Eur per 1 month. The maximum number of checks per day is 20 and 100 per one month (one period of subscription).